Clear Your Schedule by Letting Automation as a Service Book Your Calendar for You and More

“As companies task employees with more and more digitized responsibilities as remote work popularizes, automation as a service, or AaaS picks up the slack by automating business processes lightening the management load and streamlining the workplace for all.” Says Connie Testa, CSS TEC Managing Director. What is Automation as a Service, and what does it solve? […]

The Rise and Dominance of Intangible Value in the Age of Digital Commerce

As our world digitizes further and further by the minute, organizational intangible assets and value supersede classically tracked tangible assets as the new drivers of wealth growth and acceleration. “It seems like our entire world developed intangibility through the COVID-19 pandemic as we dumped office space for remote work, brick-and-mortar retail for online shop therapy, […]

How Snowflake’s Cloud Data Warehousing is Disrupting the Digital Storage Space Despite Whirlwind Market Valuations

“Even with a recent market downturn, IT industry experts praise the cloud-based data storage and analytics service for its simplicity, applicability, and growth leadership among other attributes.” Says Connie Testa, CSS TEC Managing Director.  What is Snowflake, who does it serve, and why should we care?  Snowflake is an enterprise cloud data warehousing company making data […]

Beyond the Pandemic, Digital Transformations Must Shift into Higher Gear

The pandemic transformed the way businesses operate into a new digital form. From building out e-commerce platforms, to “buy online, pick-up in store” options, to digital fundraising, and secure remote work solutions, businesses in every industry had to conform or risk losing consumers and employees.   “While the pandemic may not be over, the world […]

Why RPA Will Accelerate Efficiency Within The Energy Sector

The integration of robotic systems within all industries has risen prominently over the last several years and will continue to do so moving forward. Every industry from banking to telecommunications and even the energy sector are turning to RPA systems for improving efficiencies. The energy sector is uniquely positioned due to its role as a […]

4 Financial Services Tech Trends to Watch in 2022

“From expanded cloud migrations to robotic process automation, 2022 will be a crucial year for the future of banking.” – Covid-19 forced banks to quickly adapt to a more remote-friendly user experience, but in response to a changing world around them, institutions are experimenting with new ways to operate. Here are four key trends […]