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Employ The Best Technical Talent on the Market with the CSS Tec Team

A platinum standard in the technical recruiting realm, CSS Tec has for over 25 years provided exceptional technical staffing to thousands of clients nationwide.  

Their deep knowledge of technical staffing in the Energy & Utility, Healthcare & Life Sciences, Banking & Financial Services, Insurance, Technology, Retail, Manufacturing & Supply Chain, as well as their extensive candidate ecosystem, enables them to pull from the millions of technical candidates.  

But how do they do it? What is it that elevates the CSS Tec team above competitors? 

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Fortune favors the bold  

Every successful business begins with a detailed plan, some range of funding, savvy leadership, and commitment; but the revolutionary ones usually include a leap of faith. In 1998, Donna Pearson, already the founder of Contemporary Staffing Solutions four years prior was approached with an idea from her son. The idea was a new division, a “tech” division catering to the burgeoning digitization of work and life during the dot-com boom. Being the visionary she was, Donna took to the idea like a duck to water and launched “CSS Tec” that same year. 

Today CSS Tec serves a swath of industries fulfilling client job requisitions in development, PMO, data sciences, digitization, infrastructure & networking, and software testing among others. 

A pronounced emphasis on client and candidate experience    

CSS Tec’s unparalleled service orbits around the client and candidate journeys. You only solve a problem as well as you understand it in the first place.

CSS Tec Sales Manager, Mackenzie Groschel emphasizes that “as members of the CSS Tec sales team, we pride ourselves in building true partnerships with our customers and establishing rapport year over year, even after placements are made.”  

Only after thorough rounds of discovery calls, talent qualification, interview prep sessions, debriefs, and continuous employment checkups does CSS Tec declare a project successfully completed, and additionally only upon stellar client feedback. This journey is only half of the equation for prosperous business relations, the other coming from the candidate.   

For job seekers, navigating through the impenetrable forest of technical job searching can be just that; impenetrable. Without proper representation and advocacy, talented candidates slip through the cracks. This is where CSS Tec Recruiting Manager, Josh Khan, and his team save the day. “Developing a connection with a candidate and discovering what their needs and desires are in their next career move is vital to the beginning stages of this process,” he notes. Even after rounds and rounds of prep and feedback leading to offer acceptance, and project duration, Khan explains that “we stay in contact with them and proactively search out new potential opportunities for their next position and continued career growth.” 

Why CSS Tec leads the pack  

The house that is CSS Tec, built on the titanium bones of client and candidate experience, is furnished with four effective differentiators. To be successful in technical staffing is to be dynamic, and the CSS Tec experience, technical expertise, customization, and quality pair dynamism with precision.  

Experience – CSS Tec has been in business for over 25 years and has worked with clients from a variety of industries. This means CSS Tec has experience dealing with a myriad of different project types and challenges. 

Technical Expertise – CSS Tec has a robust technology ecosystem. The tools and platforms Tec uses help its sales associates and recruiters find qualified and talented resources others are not able to locate. 

Customization – CSS Tec offers customized solutions tailored to meet the specific needs of each client. Tec works closely with clients to understand their requirements to deliver solutions that meet those needs. 

Quality – CSS Tec has a reputation for delivering high-quality services. It uses industry-standard best practices and quality assurance processes to ensure deliverables exceed client expectations. 

External success built from internal inclusivity  

Behind the continued industry success serving clients and candidates is an iron-strong business culture that encourages all to ideate, mentor, and galvanize together. It all starts with the motivation and enablement provided by Managing Director, Connie Testa that cascades down through Tec’s recruiters and sales associates.   

CSS Tec Sr. Technical Recruiter, Olivia Rohrer notes that leadership “has proven that there is no limit to success and that if there is not a clear path for growth, they will create one.” Tec managers encourage individual exploration, but “when a process needs fixing, we collaborate as one and welcome new vantage points with open arms,” says CSS Tec IT Recruiter, Mitch North. 

Another secret to its success is the work/life balance inside and outside work itself. What is meant by this is the in-between team chemistry moments described by CSS Tec Technical Recruiter, Jerin George noting that “there is never a dull moment with Tec, as our team is very close with each other, and we always have a great time either virtual or in person!”  

Hard work always pays off, but it’s all the sweeter when it doesn’t feel like hard work behind the scenes, a clear driver of CSS Tec’s success.  

Interested in partnering with a team of staffing All-Stars?  

Reaching out to partner with CSS Tec is easy! The team is constantly on the hunt for potential candidates and clients through all mediums of communication. Message team members to set up an initial discovery call through Tec’s website or LinkedIn page and begin your journey to technical talent Nirvana today!  

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