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Hiring Managers

I want to thank Liz for organizing my trip to my interview, it was a very important trip for me, the work Liz did was very professional. She accurately and on time booked all the necessary services for me and coordinated me all my way. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, great job. I am looking forward to working with you again. You are AWSOME Liz!

Rustam G

It’s the start of week four with CSS Tec and I am still excited about the opportunity and the work I am doing. Thank you so much for navigating the way, providing me with a timeline of required onboarding and ensuring I had the hardware, access to the CSS and client company network/systems and making sure I got my first paycheck. That’s what I call a great onboarding experience.

Vernell S.

I want to thank you and the CSS team for bringing this opportunity my way. I love a challenge and learning something new. At my current role, I am doing both. I especially appreciate your guidance in preparing me for the interview. I followed your instructions and I believe it was the differentiator. I could tell that you listen to your client and operate from lessons learned.

I also want to share my CSS onboarding experience. I truly feel that CSS ensured that I was ready on Day 1. I can’t tell you how many times in my past that things went silent after the offer, leaving one without the right hardware and or getting connected to the appropriate networks. Losing time, in the beginning, can result in productivity issues which sometimes result in an unhappy client. I feel I was set up for success. I also have to thank Liz Savage who helped with the CSS and the client onboarding. I was ready to work on day one which can be especially challenging in the virtual workplace. She provided a timeline of events, guidance and weighed in with me for the first two weeks to ensure I was off to a good start.

Thanks again, I look forward to a long relationship and more opportunities at CSS.

Vernell S.

My experience with CSS-Tec was a great one!  My recruiter helped place me in a position that is the perfect fit the type of life/work balance I needed.  I am extremely happy with their services and professionalism and have spread the word to other friends or colleagues that are still searching for a career placement that allows them to live their best life. Highly recommend CSS-Tec services!

Tiffany M.

I have to say, after dealing with many recruiters in a short amount of time this year, I am impressed by the responsiveness and transparency from not just my recruiter, but everyone I spoke with at CSS. They genuinely care about who you are as a person and potential employee, and take the time to understand you, your strengths, and your needs. If I am ever in need of a recruiter again in the future, this definitely will be the first call I make.

John H.

Nicholas has been with me right from the very first step and until I get the Offer Letter from the client. I had many questions related to my work status and process followed by the company I got the offer from. Also, I was not sure whether I should accept the offer or not due to the questions I had. But you have been very patient with me throughout this process and did whatever it takes from your end to get this done. It was a pleasure working with you and thanks a lot for being a wonderful person and being professional.

I wanted to take a moment to thank your team for helping me find a permanent solution to the open position at my business. You listened to the need we had for a certain skill set to fill the position and were able to find us a great match. My hope is that our new hire will be a long term solution here. Both of you have been extremely responsive with all facets of our relationship over the past 4 months. I will be happy to recommend you to other individuals and businesses who have a need for a staffing solution.

I spent a number of years as an outside business to business salesperson and then transitioned to a technical career in the Salesforce.com space. Throughout my career I have worked with numerous staffing and recruiting firms and have never had a good experience. Most notably, in the Salesforce ecosystem, staffing firms have a relatively negative reputation, and when I met CSS Tec at a networking event, I was already apprehensive due to my past experiences. Thankfully, I was completely wrong. CSS Tec was incredibly easy to work with, very honest and transparent, and I truly felt like a valued candidate, not just a “product”. My recruiter, Kay, was very responsive, followed up timely, and truly cared about the needs of me and my family to make the job move. CSS Tec did a great job, placed me with a great company, and was very fair with my compensation and fought for me. I have recommended them and will continue to recommend them to anyone I know looking for a Salesforce or technical role. Thank you!

Bill P.

Quality customer service agents who enjoy customer interaction and welcome the challenges of problem resolution are the candidates we look for. CSS Tec has been able to do this for us without fail. I cannot speak more highly of the staff and the account reps that continue to service our needs. They have proven that in order to build a successful partnership, they need to get to know your business and the quality of candidates you need, and more importantly, that you deserve. They are a hands-on company, and will invest their time to get to know you and your staff so that they can recruit the best candidate for the position. They take the time to meet every potential candidate, review their skill sets as it pertains to your business, and perform all of the proper vetting.

We have partnered with other staffing agencies in the past, but CSS Tec outshines them all. Of the other agencies we have invested in over the years, CSS produces the highest amount of quality employees that possess enthusiasm for what they do and value great work ethic. We have been very fortunate to have them as a reliable partner in finding us the best candidates to handle our needs.

Our Account Manager is wonderful to work with, I DO NOT like pushy recruiters and she balances what I am looking for in a recruiting company. We WILL be using you in the future.

My CSS Tec Account Manager is very attentive and seems to truly care about our partnership.