Clear Your Schedule by Letting Automation as a Service Book Your Calendar for You and More

“As companies task employees with more and more digitized responsibilities as remote work popularizes, automation as a service, or AaaS picks up the slack by automating business processes lightening the management load and streamlining the workplace for all.” Says Connie Testa, CSS TEC Managing Director. What is Automation as a Service, and what does it solve? […]

Smart Shelves: What Retailers Should Know About the Emerging Trend

Using connected technology could help businesses manage and get a better grasp of the market, both in-store and across the supply chain. “Although, connecting supply chain to in-store inventory has long been a challenge for retailers. It is crucial that organizations have intelligence built into their supply chains, as customer expectations begin to rise.” Says […]

How IoT Will Level Up Your Manufacturing

The introduction of IoT into the manufacturing space over the last decade has solidified that smart monitoring is here to stay. When working with large pieces of equipment, automation, and supply chain systems all coexisting, effective monitoring is crucial. This ability to leverage any object to be part of a larger network model through internet […]