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How IoT Will Level Up Your Manufacturing

The introduction of IoT into the manufacturing space over the last decade has solidified that smart monitoring is here to stay. When working with large pieces of equipment, automation, and supply chain systems all coexisting, effective monitoring is crucial. This ability to leverage any object to be part of a larger network model through internet connection, is the future. IoT allows the linear model of manufacturing to elevate into an agile, predictive system through the use of sensors attached to physical machines, inventory, and assets. The data gathered from these sensors provide invaluable insight that boosts efficiency, predicts delays, and minimizes errors.

Improved Efficiency

When navigating a manufacturing room floor, there are hundreds if not thousands of pieces of inventory – whether a product or a tool. Locating these highly specialized items can eat away at precious time when technicians have to go on a search. Through location asset monitoring with IoT, sensor data can alert technicians to the exact location of the necessary product or tool. This wireless means of tracking also serves as a way to decrease the loss of materials due to human error. Tracking the journey of an asset provides data on how often something is used and for how long, thus empowering logistics decisions for maintenance or replacement.

Increased Safety

A field of sensors can act as an invisible fence. Essentially monitoring and alerting if a worker has entered a zone that is forbidden. When a boundary is crossed in a traditional environment, the aftermath is wholly reactive and there might be a loss of goods or even worse, a workplace incident that leads to injury. With IoT, the approach is proactive and accidents can be prevented due to immediate alerts. This improves the overall workplace environment and drastically decreases hazardous situations.

Predictive Production Delays

Any delays in production means time lost and dollars wasted. This loss grows even greater when dealing with distributed facilities throughout the country. Impending failure can be predicted and addressed sooner through IoT. Machine monitoring with proactive analytics keeps production speed moving optimally and allows technicians to anticipate any delays. Due to the cloud-based capabilities of IoT, offsite monitoring gives a large-scale look into operating speeds within several facilities at the same time. If one facility is experiencing machine failure that will delay the next phase of production at a separate facility, the advanced warning allows alternative measures or stoppage to occur at your discretion.

Cloud-Based Data Visibility

The modern age of cloud-based data storage invites a new level of visibility. With an interconnected network constantly aggregating data and uploading it to a cloud-based storage system, manufacturers can see and understand more about their processes than ever before. At the beginning of manufacturing, the only way to have this kind of insight was to walk the plant floor. Now through IoT data collection, engineers can assess performance and pinpoint areas of improvement from anywhere. Visual dashboards keep real-time data compared against performance goals at your fingertips.

How CSS Tec Can Help With Your IoT Needs

Even with the hands-off approach of IoT, a skilled professional is needed to make sense of the data, integrate systems, and keep the network functioning. The infrastructure only works, if there is someone to ensure operational success. CSS Tec can identify, screen, and place highly skilled IoT technicians and engineers on your team.

The thorough candidate screening process and technical skills assessment means only the top candidates are presented for consideration. CSS Tec will work diligently to place the right matches that will lead to optimal results on your team.

Contact CSS Tec today for more information on staffing for your essential IT positions.


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