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How Data Continues to Evolve and Improve our Working Capabilities from Businesses to Bureaucracies

The ubiquitous influence of our data

The rise of the gig economy, artificially intelligent robotics, enhanced digital security at the government level, and lighting fast eCommerce all have a common ancestor allowing them to flourish. These magnificent systems that improve our quality of life all owe their expansion and application to data.  

Our collective data touches all sectors and creates scalable algorithms to suggest useful product offerings and predictive analytics that identify utility deficiencies before they become issues. A recent Cision PR Newswire report shows enterprise performance analytics by itself will reach a value $31.4 billion globally by 2027 

We know data drives the bus of innovation in 2022 forward, yet we’re still collectively suffering from underutilizing the vast ocean of data available to us. An overwhelming 70% of all data across all sectors is user generated, so the collection of data is not the problem.

“If we’re to smarten our grids, houses, commerce, and national security, it’s the systems of data organization and application that we’ll need to streamline,” says Connie Testa, CSS TEC Managing Director.

Start with a comprehensive data transformation plan  

Before you dive head-first into a cloud integration or blockchain implementation project, figure out how you want to utilize your data. Is your goal to de-silo isolated data sets for full organizational use? Are you looking to improve your customer end-usage application experience? Do you need to mitigate phishing attacks using predictive analytics? Assess where your organization needs the most care to make the best use of your data.  

Once you’ve identified the area you’d like to focus on, plan out a workflow strategy that includes who will manage the process and how. Decide what data is to be kept private and what will be disclosed. Assign a specialized team to administrate and manage data organization for instantaneous recall to power artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML).  

Global markets and governments alike are leveraging data to streamline their operations 

Both major public and private entities worldwide are streamlining operations by migrating data to the cloud, implementing AI and ML with real-time data, and centralizing data exchange platforms. The manufacturing industry serving both government and commercial bodies predicts that the big data market for supply change management will reach a value of value $7.1 billion globally 

Governments could use census data analytics for enhanced personalized and business tax transactions, immigration processing, and fortified cybersecurity with organized, fluid data sets. The biggest challenge for government data action will be citizen trust. A 2020 Citizen Experience Survey by the Australian government found that just 37% of Australians reported having trust in the Australian Public Service. To counter similar civilian sentiments around the world, countries like Australia are consulting with the public to create innovative laws designed to support the launch of its digital-identity program. 

What to expect from data in the future  

There are endless possibilities to ponder over the uses and functions of our data once we fully realize its potential. We’re already seeing shifts in commercial flexible data storage utilizing database options like time-series databases, graph databases, and NoSQL databases enabling faster, fuller predictive visualizations. We’re seeing governments revolutionize their data management by leveraging automation tools to protect data privacy, ethics, and security.  

These capabilities will continue to unfold, and other trends will follow. Expect the concept of data to be treated more and more as a product instead of a means of capability. DataOpts “squads” will be assigned to certain data sets as companies peddle their research on the market for legal buyers to obtain. Be on the lookout for data ecosystem memberships on both public and private levels to share and exchange data between members spreading insights far and wide. Get your data in check today to reap its benefits tomorrow.  

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