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A Guide to Tech Talent Hiring in 2023

Shifting technologies and an unexpected abundance of technical talent on the market gives hiring managers the opportunity of a lifetime. To strike while the talent is hot, hiring managers need a roadmap to navigate the trends and tendencies of tech talent in 2023. Offering solutions in New York, Georgia, Florida, Texas, Illinois, and the Delaware Valley among other locations, CSS Tec provides clients with the best technical talent on the market in this new era of opportunity 

Here is your hiring landscape GPS for 2023 brought to you by the technical staffing experts at CSS Tec 

Volatility means opportunity for those comfortable with discomfort  

“Technology in our work and personal lives progresses on a yearly basis thanks to the evolving field of technical professionals. Projects like artificial intelligence buildouts and the electric vehicle takeover are pushing the boundaries of how we interact with tech. Behind these technical achievements are the people pushing them,” says CSS Tec Managing Director, Connie Testa

The volatile 2023 employment ecosystem is making more technical talent available than expected, and managers with hiring capabilities need to act now to secure the best and brightest technical resources. Outsourced staffing and workplace flexibility are just two key elements to the workforce of 2023, elements that we will build on below.  

1. Partner with a specialized technical staffing agency   

Step one in any successful tech hiring manager’s 2023 staffing strategy should be to offload all other steps. The emphasized skill specializations of technical professionals require informed staffing experts to speak their languages. Agencies dedicated solely to staffing technical employees like CSS Tec drastically cut down search costs, time-to-hire cycles, and employee effectiveness. Do-it-yourself companies risk stretching their bandwidth too thin trying to save a few dollars in-house in the short term before learning they are spending more to replace unfit employees in the long term.  

2. Tap online local communities for talent  

 2023 will be a year where digital localized communities of like-minded and similarly skilled workforces will reward the hiring managers who tap them. Recruiters should continue combing databases like and LinkedIn for talent but should pivot to other online communities as well. Ecosystems like GitHub and Stack Overflow allow managers to peer into coding and other tech professional communities to pull from. Imagine a space of coders interacting in an environment more professional than Reddit but slightly laxer and more specialized than LinkedIn. These oil fields of available professionals are reserves hiring managers need to tap to find the best technical personnel in 2023.  

3. Continue hiring remotely  

This should come as no surprise; people like working remotely. According to a Turing piece, 86 percent of software developers are working remotely. Making remote technical employees come into the office would be like making your customers come into your office or brick-and-mortar to cancel a subscription. Managers should continue to allow their employees to work remotely (given the production level continues as-is or improves) to save time, office costs, and more.  

4. Utilize online assessment tools  

Demand for remote work inherently requires demand for remote hiring, a cycle that hiring managers are still tweaking almost three years removed from the beginning of the Covid-19 Pandemic. While managers can usually get a grasp of a candidate’s professional presence in a virtual interview, they still cannot determine technical ability without a testing solution. Hiring managers should utilize technical testing applications like Codility or Code Signal to test the aptitudes of prospective hires remotely. With recent uncertainty haunting employment, hiring managers can establish welcomed security that they made the right hire through these online aptitude testing software.   

5. Top technologies and roles to hire for  

Here are some relevant tech trends in 2023 to aim staffing at as products and services evolve.  

1. Artificial Intelligence (think ChatGPT) 

2. The Internet of Things (think smart homes)  

3. Blockchain Evolution (look to crypto survivors to push this trend)  

4. Multiverses (take the successes of Meta’s Metaverse and look to build on that)  

5. Human-like chatbot improvement 

Partner with CSS Tec to fill your tech team’s 2023 roster with experts primed to revolutionize your operations  

Take your first step in building your 2023 technical team with the staffing experts at CSS Tec today. With talent placement expertise in application development, data analytics, cyber security, cloud architecture, infrastructure, and technical PMO, CSS Tec provides full-scope staffing for any technical operation. Connect with CSS Tec today to utilize the best technical talent on the market! 

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