Advanced Hardware and Software Bring Conventional Manufacturing into the Digital Age

  From raw materials to final packaging and shipment, today’s factory floor features new tech like smart wearables and completely autonomous “lights out” manufacturing to meet commercial and customer demands.   Introducing the smart factory  “The manufacturing and power industries share a lot in common these days as both are shedding archaic stereotypes of stagnation in […]

Enhancing your Retail Employee Well-Being with a New Post-Pandemic Toolbox

While market insights tell us customers interact and buy digitally in the post-pandemic working world, that same digital tech should ease pains and enhance the working experience for employees. Diving into a working world after two-plus years of a global pandemic proved challenging, and with that challenge came digital innovation as we moved meetings and […]

Instacart Platform to Revolutionize Enterprise End-To-End

What is Instacart Platform and how does it revolutionize the grocery retail paradigm? Instacart, the grocery delivery and pick-up service giant, recently announced its new Instacart Platform, a new set of enterprise software and services catered toward grocers nationwide with the intention of digitizing end-to-end grocer operations. The modular platform offered grocers and business tools […]

How Snowflake’s Cloud Data Warehousing is Disrupting the Digital Storage Space Despite Whirlwind Market Valuations

“Even with a recent market downturn, IT industry experts praise the cloud-based data storage and analytics service for its simplicity, applicability, and growth leadership among other attributes.” Says Connie Testa, CSS TEC Managing Director.  What is Snowflake, who does it serve, and why should we care?  Snowflake is an enterprise cloud data warehousing company making data […]