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Enhancing your Retail Employee Well-Being with a New Post-Pandemic Toolbox

While market insights tell us customers interact and buy digitally in the post-pandemic working world, that same digital tech should ease pains and enhance the working experience for employees.

Diving into a working world after two-plus years of a global pandemic proved challenging, and with that challenge came digital innovation as we moved meetings and workflow completely online, cut out unnecessary overhead costs like travel and physical office space, and enhanced contactless customer experience across products and services of all sectors.

“As important as customer revenue is to the growth and development of any given organization, that revenue stream doesn’t flow without employee success and fulfillment which staggered during the recent Great Resignation. As obvious as this may be, a major contributor was employee digital adjustment. Re-learning internal systems and workflows perplexed, confused, and frustrated employees trying to juggle internal learning and external customer attention leading to full-fledged burnout.”  Says Connie Testa, CSS TEC Managing Director.

To combat this unhealthy employee burnout, technical organizations need to take aim at the best digital tools on the market to implement and teach their employees how to acclimate with their modern systems and build comfort around said technologies to maintain a happy, productive workforce.

Lucky for you, we’ve compiled listed information for the best internal systems tackling your company’s scheduling, HR, customer experience, and collaboration tools to smooth over those rough learning curves as we move into the digital age of the workplace.

Best Employee Scheduling Software

– Homebase
– Connecteam
– Deputy
– Shiftboard
– Paycore
– 7Shifts

Best HR Software

– BambooHR
– Gusto
– Zenefits
– Namely
– SAP SuccessFactors
– Paycore
– Deputy
– Oracle HR

Best Customer Experience Management

– Alida CXM
– Sprinklr
– Adobe Experience Manager
– Gupshup
– StoryPulse
– Pobuca
– Qualaroo
– EngageBay
– SmartKarrot
– Nicereply
– Netcore
– SlashQ
– Cyara
– Swell

Best Online Collaboration Tools

– Microsoft 365
– Slack
– Asana
– Podio
– Ryver
– Trello
– Flock


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