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Beyond the Pandemic, Digital Transformations Must Shift into Higher Gear

The pandemic transformed the way businesses operate into a new digital form. From building out e-commerce platforms, to “buy online, pick-up in store” options, to digital fundraising, and secure remote work solutions, businesses in every industry had to conform or risk losing consumers and employees.  

“While the pandemic may not be over, the world — at least as far as consumers and workers are concerned — is moving rapidly into the post-pandemic future.” Says Connie Testa, CSS TEC Managing Director. 

As that new normal arrives, it’s clear that consumers and workers alike have changed, and businesses must meet them where they are now. 


How the Pandemic Shaped Consumers 

Two years of online shopping and remote work have made Americans far more digitally savvy as consumers and employees. Offices across the nation and world learned how to do their jobs from home using employer-provided devices and collaboration tools. Services and classes adapted to being virtual, allowing consumers from anywhere to join and at any given moment. 

Along with that increased tech-savvy comes rising expectations for what constitutes a quality digital experience, and people are beginning to lose patience with companies that don’t deliver. 

56% of U.S. consumers believe that companies should have figured out by now how to handle pandemic-related disruption, according to Forrester. And 77% of executives told Harvard Business Review Analytic Services that employees will look for a new job if their current employer does not provide the technology they need. 

Consumers are no longer waiting for companies to transform their business; they already expect it. If a business has not or will not change, consumers are quick to flock to a competitor who can deliver on their needs. 


New Digitalization Is Only the Beginning 

The changes businesses put in place over the past two years will be “temporary” only in the sense that they are starting points to even richer digital experiences. 

Retailers will invest in immersive experiences and inventory management while driving consumers back to their own digital channels and away from big online marketplaces.  

Forrester predicts that many companies will adopt “always-on” digital engagement strategies when it comes to their marketing efforts, which will require deeper investments in automation and artificial intelligence. 

About 30% of companies say they will insist on a fully in-office model, while the majority choose to deploy a hybrid model or remain fully remote. These hybrid and remote businesses must surround employees not just with better collaboration tech, but also with a culture that allows them to thrive in a work-anywhere environment. 

Whether or not the pandemic is nearing its end, businesses can and should never cease to adapt if they want to continue to stay afloat.  



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