How Technology Has Changed the Recruitment Process Whether We Like It or Not

In the not-so-distant-past, recruiting was a very different process than it is today.  When seeking out talented candidates “in the old days,” hiring teams had to focus on strategic advertising, in-person networking and cold calling to stir up interest in their positions. Technology has turned recruiting on its proverbial ear, allowing recruiters and hiring managers […]

Is Your Business Prepared for The Rise of Robots?

When you think of robots on the job, you likely picture an automated manufacturing line. But robots are entering business in myriad ways. According to research from Tractica, as AI continues to advance, robots will be relied upon to take over mundane business tasks and solve business challenges across all industries, allowing teams to focus […]

Why Do So Many Reputable Companies Choose Salesforce?

Adidas. Amazon Web Services. T-Mobile.  The American Red Cross. These are just some of the major companies that use Salesforce for their CRM service. So, just why do these companies choose Salesforce, and is it right for you? Salesforce Invests Billions in Innovations Salesforce hasn’t achieved its market share by accident. Year after year they […]

The Missing Piece in the Tech Industry

When hiring in the tech sector, most employers look for applicants who hold computer science degrees, computer engineering degrees and information system degrees. This mentality makes sense, but it has created an industry rife with homogeneous ideas. STEM programs focus on skills and ultimately, landing jobs. While this is obviously important, these programs don’t allow […]

DevOps: How Integration Can Make Your Business More Effective

The DevOps movement has expanded in recent years, with more and more organizations focusing on collaboration between development and operations. However, many companies struggle with DevOps because it requires a significant cultural shift within the organization. Getting two siloed teams to break down barriers and pull together towards the same goals can be much more […]