I want to thank you and the CSS team for bringing this opportunity my way. I love a challenge and learning something new. At my current role, I am doing both. I especially appreciate your guidance in preparing me for the interview. I followed your instructions and I believe it was the differentiator. I could tell that you listen to your client and operate from lessons learned.

I also want to share my CSS onboarding experience. I truly feel that CSS ensured that I was ready on Day 1. I can’t tell you how many times in my past that things went silent after the offer, leaving one without the right hardware and or getting connected to the appropriate networks. Losing time, in the beginning, can result in productivity issues which sometimes result in an unhappy client. I feel I was set up for success. I also have to thank Liz Savage who helped with the CSS and the client onboarding. I was ready to work on day one which can be especially challenging in the virtual workplace. She provided a timeline of events, guidance and weighed in with me for the first two weeks to ensure I was off to a good start.

Thanks again, I look forward to a long relationship and more opportunities at CSS.