Clear Your Schedule by Letting Automation as a Service Book Your Calendar for You and More

“As companies task employees with more and more digitized responsibilities as remote work popularizes, automation as a service, or AaaS picks up the slack by automating business processes lightening the management load and streamlining the workplace for all.” Says Connie Testa, CSS TEC Managing Director. What is Automation as a Service, and what does it solve? […]

The Rise and Dominance of Intangible Value in the Age of Digital Commerce

As our world digitizes further and further by the minute, organizational intangible assets and value supersede classically tracked tangible assets as the new drivers of wealth growth and acceleration. Traditional tangible assists like cash, inventory, equipment, and physical workspace dominate GAAP (generally accepted accounting principles) and revenue analyses across companies and sectors, but digitization is […]

Hybrid Collaboration and the Future of Intermixed Team Communication

“As we continue our voyage back into the post-pandemic working world, hybrid work and more specifically hybrid collaboration reign supreme in supporting employee health while maximizing organizational growth.” Says Connie Testa, CSS TEC Managing Director. Hybrid work digs its roots after two years of whirlwind employment The shockwave sent through the working world by 2020’s Covid-19 […]

How Fintech Data Allows Banks to Improve the Financial Health of Their Customers

With digitized banking setting the new standard for financial institution customer relations, big banks should look to leveraging customer data to ensure the best individualized financial service possible. For decades now, financial institutions washed, rinsed, and repeated their systems, offerings, and services to loyal customers relying on their size and reach to keep these customers […]

Enhancing your Retail Employee Well-Being with a New Post-Pandemic Toolbox

While market insights tell us customers interact and buy digitally in the post-pandemic working world, that same digital tech should ease pains and enhance the working experience for employees. Diving into a working world after two-plus years of a global pandemic proved challenging, and with that challenge came digital innovation as we moved meetings and […]

Instacart Platform to Revolutionize Enterprise End-To-End

What is Instacart Platform and how does it revolutionize the grocery retail paradigm? Instacart, the grocery delivery and pick-up service giant, recently announced its new Instacart Platform, a new set of enterprise software and services catered toward grocers nationwide with the intention of digitizing end-to-end grocer operations. The modular platform offered grocers and business tools […]