How Banks Big and Small are Flocking to the Cloud

The banking industry, a sector notorious for antiquated systems and resistance to change, is getting a full makeover with the arrival of cloud computing capabilities.   From the exception to the expectation   Banks worldwide have been slow to adopt innovation and technology into their closed-off, siloed systems for decades, but that tendency is shifting with the […]

Leave a Great Last Impression by Modernizing Your Checkout Experience

As consumers migrate out of their homes and into storefronts in numbers not seen since pre-pandemic, retailers are revolutionizing their point-of-sale processes and networks to cater to the modern window shopper.    If you build it, they will come back   We’re almost full circle beyond the Covid 19 pandemic, a trend starting to show itself […]

Advanced Hardware and Software Bring Conventional Manufacturing into the Digital Age

  From raw materials to final packaging and shipment, today’s factory floor features new tech like smart wearables and completely autonomous “lights out” manufacturing to meet commercial and customer demands.   Introducing the smart factory  “The manufacturing and power industries share a lot in common these days as both are shedding archaic stereotypes of stagnation in […]